East Calder Medical Practice

Tests and samples

  • From time to time the doctor may ask you to make an appointment for blood tests or to bring a sample of urine to the surgery for testing.
  • If you are asked to supply a fasting specimen you should have nothing to eat or drink for at least eight hours prior to the appointment.
  • Suitable containers are available from the surgery for your sample and these should be labelled clearly with your name and date of birth.
  • As our samples are collected by a van at 3.00pm you must hand in specimens or arrange for your appointment before that time. This is to ensure that your sample reaches the laboratory as fresh as possible and the results are as accurate as possible.
  • Most blood test results and X-rays will be back in seven working days. A few blood test results take longer than this.
  • Most urine results, stool results and swab results will be back in three working days.
  • Test results are given out Monday to Friday after 12.00pm. You should contact the surgery for the results of your blood test 1 week after the test has been taken. 
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